Why Stellarlex Law Firm?

Stellarlex Lawfirm is a full-service law firm that is active all over Sweden. Our legal team specialises in small and medium sized companies. Our areas of expertise are corporate and contract law, environmental and energy law, GDPR, and legal AI issues.

Our team at Stellarlex Law Firm has developed a pragmatic legal approach tailored towards businesses’ individual needs. Our strategy is achieved by helping our clients navigate their business through the endless obstacles associated with contract law, trademarks, patent disputes and sales while further specialising our firm in environmental, energy and procurement law. This unique combination of legal competencies enables us at Stellarlex Law Firm to offer our clients broad legal advice for the optimisation of their individual business.

It is through our expertise that we achieve our mission of helping your company to achieve success.

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Stellarlex Juristbyrå works with all company forms such as limited companies, trading companies and limited partnerships. We also help to stipulate all agreements that are necessary in your business.

Get in contact with us through our contact form or email us at info@stellarlex.com  and we will assist you with your legal needs.

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