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Corporate governance together with commercial and contract law are the cornerstones for any business. Corporate governance outlines how a company can operate as a legal entity while contract law regulates the terms and conditions under which a firm can enter into various business agreements. Finally, commercial law outlines and explains the necessary legal procedures between contracting parties in the event of unforeseen circumstances, for instance in the case of bankruptcies. 

Our team at Stellarlex Law Firm specializes in Swedish contract law, commercial law and corporate governance. We represent your business in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), ownership queries and stipulations. Stellarlex Law Firm further provides practical legal advice regarding the documentation of key company records, ownership disputes, board meetings, and the limits company boards may face due to limitations set out by current regulations. In connection with board or annual meetings, our team at Stellarlex Law Firm can act as meeting chairman or secretary regardless of whether your company is listed on the stock market.

We guide you through the complex contract, corporate and commercial laws.

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