Environmental and energy law

We guide you through the complex environmental and energy law

The pressing issues related to sustainability and climate change have caused environmental and energy law to infiltrate a growing number of judicial fields. As a result, the legal impact of environmental and energy law affects the expanding Swedish energy and industrial sectors which in themselves are complex markets.

At Stellerlex Law Firm, we offer quality legal advice in both environmental and energy law while representing your business in authorization procedures, exemption trials and supervisory cases. Moreover, we assist your business with analyzing various environmental risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, property sales or investments in infrastructure. Based on our legal expertise, our team at Stellerlex Law Firm can further assist your business in obtaining the necessary permits, government authorizations, financial assets and distributions related to electricity and district heating.


Working together with your employees and other professional advisors, our team at Stellarlex Lawfirm takes a coordinating and proactive approach in providing your business with exemplary legal advice.

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