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Public authorities annually advertise procurement contracts equivalent to approximately 800 billion SEK. A procurement contract is a sound investment and business opportunity, especially considering the opposing contracting party is an official government authority and therefore not vulnerable to financial recessions. Procurements are further great opportunities for securing long-term contracts and can therefore be an attractive business transaction for smaller companies wishing to maintain a stable income.

Procurement law is a broad judicial field concerning public procurement. More specifically, public procurement is the process of public authorities purchasing goods or services from private companies. Public procurement is carefully regulated in both Swedish and European law, entailing that this judicial field can be complex to navigate.

The purpose of these careful regulations is, however, not to prevent business and long-term deals, but rather to maintain transparency in the delegation of tasks otherwise performed by government agencies. In this way, a free procurement market with fair competition is enabled for all companies while the public is given insight into the use of the allocation of the state's funds.

At Stellarlex Law Firm, we guide and represent your business throughout the procurement process. We evaluate various procurement offers, analyze potential legal risks and provide your business with strategic advice regarding the presentation, design and structure of tenders. Moreover, Stellarlex Law Firm supports your business throughout the procurement process by carefully reviewing requested documents to identify challenges, opportunities and potential gaps related to the contract. We help your business in creating necessary checklists, templates and routines for tenders so that your company becomes a serious competitor in the procurement market.

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